3 Steps in 3 Weeks with 3 Meditations for $1

Are you Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired?

If you've ever struggled with Life through depression, addiction, anxiety or despair, you can find balance in Life without becoming a guru, or giving up who you are.

"There is no pain in change, only in the resistance to change."

Meditation is not about quieting our thoughts, it's about quieting ourselves so we hear our thoughts.
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Life Can Be Different!

Week One - Every Journey begins with the first step.
Week Two - Learn to Surrender without giving up.
Week Three - Find Acceptance, of self, of others, of a new way of life.

Start Your 3 Week Journey in Principles Meditation for Just $1.

Receive a new meditation each week, along with suggested, self-reflection exercises.

By learning to live every moment, every encounter through core universal principles “Life Will Change.”

Why are we charging $1.00? Let’s face it, we put more value in to something we pay for than something we receive for free. Chances are, your more likely to actually put a little effort into trying these meditations if you pay for them. 

Hey there, my name is Paul David.
In 2012 I experienced a devastating loss. With just over a decade clean and sober and actively participating in 12 Step Recovery, I found myself feeling alone, abandoned, and distant. I became depressed and reacted to those around me with anger and contempt.
I was destroying my marriage, my relationship with my kids, my career and my own recovery. I was empty, and uncaring one day; angry and resentful at the world the next.
For over a year and a half, I suffered from self-sabotage and depression.
I blamed the government, my work, my friends and family for everything that was wrong and how I felt.
I was once again, sick and tired of being sick and tired. This time, I couldn’t blame drugs and alcohol for the hopelessness and distress I was experiencing.
I began going through old literature and notes I had collected over the years. In doing so, I came across the original unpublished writings called ‘The Basics, When it Works’. Which became the foundation for my understanding of 12 Core Spiritual Principles.
As I re-ignited my regular practice of journaling and meditation, I began looking for any meditations that were directly related to the 12 Principles or the 12 Steps. None of the ones I found were quite what I was looking for.
Using my step work and daily journal, I began to meditate on the 12 Principles with the Steps as the foundation. As I began the Journey in Principles, I came to terms with my own depression.
I found the liberation I needed through these Principles and continue to solidify them in my daily life by sharing them. Now after much research, revisions, and input, nearly five years later, the same meditations are being recorded and becoming available to you.

Throughout our lives, we have heard at some point, “you need to be Honest, have some Patience, Acceptance, have Hope!” But, for many of us, we were never taught how. Being told, “you should be more Open-minded.” Does not give us more Open-mindedness.

These are but the first 3 of 12 Meditations. They are meant as an introduction. The full Meditation series is scheduled to be released in May of 2019. We want to introduce this series and the ideas of Principle based living, to you today. That’s why we have decided to offer the first 3 for an introductory price of $1. If you paid nothing, chances are you would do nothing. By charging you $1 you are invested and more likely to invest a little effort. At very least, your out $1, at the most you will have a whole new way of facing Life on Life’s terms.

It is not enough to read the Principles. The Principles are meant to be active, carried, shared. Principles are meant to be Lived.

12 Spiritual Principles

Join us in our Journey

We claim no Saint Hood, no status as Masters, as Gurus. We are all both students and teachers. After all, the best way to learn is to teach. What is shared here is but a continuous Journey as we learn to apply these Principles to our daily lives. With each new day, each new situation we will find new ways of applying and living by these principles. We Hope to encourage each other through our Sharing and Caring. "We can only keep what we have by sharing it."

Get Started Today

Sign up Now! And begin your own Journey with a 3 Week Meditation Challenge. 3 Meditations, shared over 3 weeks. Through this challenge, learn to identify what (if anything) has been holding you back. And begin the path to becoming comfortable in your own skin. You'll also receive our PDF outlining the 12 core spiritual principles discussed throughout A Journey in Principles. As well as continued updates into future content.

Become apart of a community

At A Journey in Principles, our goal is to inspire a community that shares together, (through comments, forums, private Facebook group and live meetings) experience strength and hope in pursuing a life of authenticity, balance and unity. A community of individuals who shares our differences to encourage strength through diversity. And to influence change in the world through encouraging change in each other.

Start your 3 Week Challenge:

Receive a new meditation each week, along with suggested, self-reflection exercises.

  • Learn a simple way of meditating that encourages listening not blocking.
  • Identify the destructive patterns or personal roadblocks that are holding you back.
  • Find Hope in your Life as you actively begin to participate in Life’s Changes.
  • Learn how Surrender is not the same as ‘Giving Up.’
  • Find a Life full of Acceptance; Acceptance of self, of others, of the Changes in Life.
  • Join a community and realize that You are Not Alone.
  • The decision to spend $1 may very well be the catalyst to a whole new understanding.

Join the 3 week meditation challenge Today. For just $1!

No Spam, No Games, just Authentic sharing and sincere Hope for Change.

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