How I found purpose in my family’s regret. – part 2

Finding our “Happy Places”

Wall plaque with the Beach is my Happy Place
The Beach is my wife’s Happy Place. 🙂

Being focused on finding our, “Happy Place” is how we overcome our regret and depression mentioned in part 1(If you haven’t read part 1 yet, click here). Instead of dwelling on our daily grind, we’ve begun to look towards our shared goals.

So here is how our future together looks. We find a nice 3 to 4 bedroom house or condo in Port Aransas, TX. Big enough for a family vacation but small enough to make it easily rentable.

Will name it my wife’s “Happy Place”.

It will have to have a balcony off the Master bedroom with a direct view of the gulf. So that we will be able to hear the waves crash against the sand, as we sleep. This is a must.

Our second goal will be my “Happy Place”.

Next, we will work towards purchasing a modest cabin or house somewhere close to the ‘Garden of the Gods’ in Colorado. Again, big enough for a family vacation yet small enough to make it easily affordable to rent out.

And again, the Master bedroom will be a defining element.
This time with a balcony with an unobstructed view of the stars. And yes, we do plan on having telescopes in both locations.

They will be self-supporting, fulfill the 7th principle of Faith.

Both of these two locations will be rentable vacation homes. We’ll keep our primary home in the Dallas/Fort Worth, TX area. It’s important to us that we maintain some stable roots. And stay close to our kids.

But, travel is our shared passion.

We will find a small RV just big enough for the two of us and her Chiweenie, Pebbles. It will have to either be a toy hauler or we’ll have a small trailer for my motorcycle.

This will not be our retirement, it will be our liberation.

We plan on bouncing between locations. Visiting each 2 to 3 times a year. – During their respected offseasons, of course. We want to be able to enjoy both of our ‘Happy Places’. Enjoy filling our ‘desire cups’ on a consistent and leisurely basis.

How close are we? Not at All.

We still have another 9 years before our youngest graduates high school. We spend so much of our time and resources now, providing the best life we can for our kids. If you follow any of our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you already know about our Scouting/ Gymnastics/ Black Belt kiddos. Along with our own activities as parents, as a couple, and as individuals.

When we look at where we are, compared to where we want to be,

We both become overwhelmed with doubt and depression. The inner voices of despair telling us, we will never have that type of life. And yes, at times our individual pessimism will trigger a very depressing discussion.

But, since our shared desire for how we want to live has surfaced. Our sharing of individual doubt and depression turns into shared acknowledgment. Acknowledgment of where we’ve come from and of our unified re-alignment of intention towards a shared outcome.

Please tell us your thoughts and/or experiences?