How I found purpose in my family’s regret. – part 3

Our Plan for the Future.

Having found our shared purpose, as well as our shared skepticism. As mentioned in the previous two parts (If you haven’t read part 1 yet, click here. If you just missed part 2, then click here). We have to have a plan in place. A plan to feed our dream not our doubt.

Yung Pueblo Quote, "I cannot make you happy, but I can commit to support you in the creation of your own Happiness."

It’s going to be through watching us, as we go through our Journey. And holding us accountable, when needed, that we will know that we have fulfilled our shared purpose and ambition.

The 12 Steps to identify the Principles and define Our Journey in this unified life’s purpose.

  • 1) We find Hope in our common goal. When we admit that we are powerless over our past, we nurture our shared Hope by recognizing that our future together depends on our Unity together.
  • 2) We learn to Surrender our individual, “in the moment”, thoughts of insanity. We acknowledge that our shared expressions – combined conscientiousness – is greater than our individual thoughts. As a couple, we are restored to Sanity as we make better decisions together.
  • 3) We are accepting a new direction and making a conscious combined decision to turn over our fears, our doubts, and our over-whelm. Our Acceptance comes from knowing that the only requirement to change our lives is to act differently than how we each think or feel.
  • 4) We exercise and employ Honesty by inventorying our respective patterns of behavior. Identifying the choices we each make which affects our lives as a couple and a family.
  • 5) We actively share in Open-mindedness with ourselves and each other, nurturing a unified shared consciousness. By intentionally discussing our choices and reminding ourselves of our Unified primary purpose for our Life together.
  • 6) We help each other see when we are endorsing, financing, or lending ourselves out to others or to ideas which distract us from our future. And encourage each other to be Willing to say “No.”
  • 7) We encourage each other to have Faith in ourselves, each other and Life’s purpose. Reminding us to stay focused on our part, both unified and individually. Asking to stay focused on our gains, not our short-comings.
  • 8) We learn Tolerance within ourselves and our relationship, having gone through this process and having seen the wrongs we have had in our life thus far. We seek help from those qualified to guide us in amending our wrongs and building our future.
  • 9) We practice Patience with our finances and ourselves, as we slowly learn to make decisions that will continue to support our kids’ development and better our circumstances while building our future’s foundation.
  • 10) We will continue to inventory our choices and find the Humility to acknowledge when we are veering off our path. Keeping our focus and opinions only on that which affect us individually, together or as a family. Staying out of each others controversy or the controversy of others.
  • 11) Through continued, outward sharing and inward listening, we will nurture the Unconditional Love we have for ourselves and our future. Asking for steady guidance towards our future and remembering to share without showing off.
  • 12) Having reached our shared future’s Awakening, we will strive to Live a life of Altruistic Service. As we share in our travels and live out our days of Liberation.

This may not be the typical Steps or Action Plan you expect.

We will undoubtedly have a more focused plan of paying down our debts. And of saving and investing in our future purchases. That is to say, writing out the actual guidelines we will need to use to manage our future properties. All of this will come as we inventory, discuss and seek professional legal and financial counsel.

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Picture of our hands together, forming the shape of a heart. With the setting sun shining through. Symbolizing a unified purpose

My wife and I are just beginning to share a clear image of our future. We are just starting to define our life’s purpose and nurture our Hope for our Life together. As we continue down this Journey, we begin with Change. We Begin with Hope.

Please tell us your thoughts and/or experiences?