I will not put my Trust in you, but I will have Faith in you.

I will not put my Trust in you, but I will have Faith in you.
Brendon Burchard quote on blocked desires
“It is in our self-protection that we often block the very thing we desire” – Brendon Burchard

I remember a time when I was not able to drive myself around. I had to rely on others to get me to, and from meetings, or to and from work. Many a time I’d be sitting outside of the apartment complex waiting on someone to pick me up. They’d be running 30, 40 min or even an hour late. I used to get so pissed off. Eventually, I started realizing, that there are times when stuff happens, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We learned to have faith in someone’s ability to pick us up when they say they’re going to pick us up. That has nothing to do with trust. Trust is not a spiritual principle. Faith is. If we trust that someone is going to be somewhere and they don’t show up, guess what? That trust is broken. It’s fallible. But if we have faith that they had the ability and had every intention of showing up, and then something happens; they got sick, had an accident, had a flat tire, or their car breaks down. For whatever reason, they don’t show up on time, our faith isn’t broken.

When I thought I had no Faith, what I found was that I was relying on Trust. Click To Tweet

We still have complete faith that they had the ability to do what they said. Even if they over slept, they were still capable. We can put our Faith in them, and there’s absolutely nothing they can do to break that Faith. When we put that spiritual principle unconditionally in someone, then that has to do with our ability to see their capacity, what they’re capable of, and it has no bearing on what they actually do.

Every morning I meditate every evening I inventory.

Each one of these principles, each one of these steps are designed to be worked on a daily basis. My Foundation today is the 12 Essential Spiritual Principles. I’ve learned to turn to these Principles on a regular basis. That is to the best of my ability. I am not perfect by any means. You want to see me misplace principles and lose my serenity, ride with me in a cage (biker term for a car). Especially during rush hour traffic in Dallas. For that reason, I put the little JnP logo on the back of my car. So when I see it through my rear view mirror, it reminds me to stay on the journey in principle. It helps me be a calmer driver.

The real foundation of my faith today is remembering to continuously show up at least enough to continue giving what I got. Otherwise, I’ll lose it. I’ve done that before. I’ve lost everything once. I don’t want to lose it again. I’m not saying you should give so much that you end up enabling those who do nothing. I believe in attraction, not promotion. But I will freely give any knowledge, experience, strength, and hope I have. One just has to ask.

“Always aspire to inspire, before we expire.”


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