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Get the perfect escape to the new world where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, get away from thieves and disease,and most of all, get rich quick by selling exports to England.

The colonies for you to have best production in are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia.

The climate of the southern regions was always warm and sunny(perfect for some types of crops).

The geography of the southern colonies differed from itself in different areas.Some areas had forest, some had plains, and a lot have rivers and marsh lands.

Georgia : to serve as a buffer between the English and Spanish and also to serve as a place for indebted people.

Maryland:Originally founded as a safe haven for Catholics but that failed and it became a tobacco state.

Virginia: to make money(mostly by growing tobacco).

North and south Carolina:Restoration colonies for England.



The native population was around 150,000 at first and then decreased because of disease and such.

Maryland:Sir George Calvert

Georgia:James Oglerthorpe

Virginia:London company

North and South Carolina:Lords Proprietors and the Charter of Carolina

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The map of the southern colonies

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