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We Believe in:

  • Starting each day with a smile and ending each day with NO Regrets!
  • Being consistently comfortable in our own skins.
  • Living Life authentically, being true to each other by being true to ourselves.
  • A Life that is no longer obsessed with ’Finding one’s purpose.’
  • Simply knowing we have a place and purpose is enough.
  • Finding Unity with the World, without uniformity.
  • A Life driven by basic, universal, Spiritual Principles.

What you are receiving, when you click the button below, is but a simplified description of each of the 12 primary Universal/Spiritual Principles as I was introduced to them over 25yrs ago. My Hope is for us to all be inspired by them. That we will find these Principles engaging and that together we will join in this Journey. That we will receive value in learning to practice these Principles, Unconditionally in our lives. And that we continue to receive value from future experiences shared and that we visit A Journey in Principles and share with each other our experiences.

A Journey in Principles is an open slate. It is awaiting your inspiration towards change and balance. Your Journey matters, if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us.

“May today be better than yesterday, and even better tomorrow.”


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